Survey Methodogy for the "Most Respected Companies in India" survey in Business World (BW) Issue dated 14th February 2011.  
For the 2011 edition of the Most Respected Companies Survey, Businessworld partnered with Delhi-based research company Ipsos Indica Research. The survey was carried out in two phases. Phase I was a peer survey within 20 sectors for sector-wise rankings. Top-ranked companies of Phase I were clubbed together, and Phase II of the survey carried out across sectors, for overall rankings. Respondents were asked to rank companies across seven parameters.
Respondent designations ranged from general managers to CEOs. Total work experience needed was at least 10 years, of which at least three years was to be in their current sector. For all sectors except retail, individuals in companies with minimum turnover of Rs 100 crore were interviewed. For retail, the cut-off figure was Rs 50 crore. Other details of respondents for both phases can be seen in the charts alongside. 757 respondents were interviewed in Phase I, and in Phase II, 506 respondents.
In Phase I, companies in the 20 sectors were selected on two factors leading listed companies in terms of revenues or profits; and unlisted companies, including subsidiaries of multinationals, which have significant presence in their sector. In all, 249 companies were included in Phase I. In Phase II, the top-ranked companies of Phase I were included. In sectors that had up to 10 companies, the top two were included; top three for sectors that had up to 15 companies; and top four for sectors that had more than 15 companies. Additionally, 11 companies that are big in their sectors but were ranked lower by their peers, were nominated on the Editor's discretion. These are: Maruti Suzuki, Jet Airways, Samsung, Pepsico India Holdings, EIH Limited, IBM India, Hindalco Industries, Indian Oil Corporation, Reliance Industries, Cipla and Pantaloon Retail. In all, 68 companies were included in Phase II. We have published the ranking of the top 25. See the full ranking of the 68 companies in Phase II at
  In both phases, for each company that was rated by respondents, the mean score of ratings for each parameter was calculated and weighted by the number of respondents rating that particular company. The weighted scores for each parameter were added to calculate the total score for the company. The survey was carried out in the February-August 2010 period.